Motorsport engineering

Engineering gets turbocharged.


The main categories in which ACME works

New Rally 1, New Rally 2, WRC+, R5, R1T, RGT, Rallycross, CN2, WTCR, ETCR, TCR


Buoyed up by a first class team of professionals, ACME provides a full turnkey engineering service that encompasses design, optimisation and validation of racing cars. Our main focus is on the development and implementation of the electrical, electronic, powertrain and chassis systems.

System integration

The electronics is a car's nervous system: it takes a multidisciplinary skillset to wrap your head around it. At ACME we have embraced an integrated system approach that aims to optimise the functioning of the car parts and components, and make them communicate with the vehicle. We aim for the most daring performances and therefore strive for a total control of the engine, transmission and car's performance under extreme conditions.

Project Management

Our 360 degree view and integrated approach make it easy to manage new projects and assist our clients throughout each stage of the process: from concept idea to the finished product, from supplying the best parts up to on-road assistance. Providing the best possible coordination of all activities and delivering projects on time and within budget to meet clients expectations is the key to our success.

Technical Support

Our main goal is to assist our clients in conquering new challenges. Especially when this means being at trackside in Dubai or in the freezing cold of the Monte Carlo Rally. The experience gained from racing allows us to provide the best solutions in the shortest possible time and to guarantee the representativeness of test sessions.

Test bench

We strive for excellence: this has led us to develop the most innovative technology on the market for vehicle performance testing and powertrain calibration. This is ACME Hub Dyno: a “test bench”, featuring four electromagnetic brakes that makes it easy to test cars with different setups. Four driving wheels, hybrid or electric engine; with the support of our technicians we get experimental feedbacks that help with the development and setup of every type of vehicle. ACME Hub Dyno also allows you to organise on-track tests for BoP, benchmarking and engine calibration.

Special parts supply

Thanks to our partnerships with the likes of Life Racing, Shiftec, EcuMAster and others, we supply the best special parts for every type of motorsport application.

Contact us

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Factory Vincenza: Viale della Tecnica 26, 36100 - Vicenza (VI) - Italy - Tel: +39 0444 289460


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