Motorsport Wiring

The wires that move your project


The act of attaching, connecting, or installing electric wires.

Connecting electrical and electronic is the goal of those who make wiring but the mission of ACME leads us to understand the connections in a much broader way, guided by a vision of the system, where it is not only important to know how to connect devices together, but the reason why they must be connected, that is, according to what functional logic and performance, in the most efficient way possible.

Project Turn Key

This system thought therefore allows us to follow turn key projects in the electrical and electronic fields, following the customer, from the product briefing, passing through the concept design, design, prototyping, validation and production phases.


Motorsport is in DNA of ACME and we provide our customers with the characteristic values of professional speed racing, technology, creativity, passion for challenges. Fundamental aspects in various product areas, from the development of racing solutions to prototyping for road cars, from the production of small series to the creation of innovative concepts.

Test bench

For gareted high quality standards and rapid reaction times, the wiring is provided tested with professional tools. That lead us to projects for high standard.

We are able to supply, this main product lines: Complete Wiring, Connectors and Electronic Components, Wired Sensors, Electronic Systems, Calibration etc ... All tested and verified with high quality control machines.

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