From the track to the street:
your car is unique.

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Engine & Performance

The racetrack challenge allows us to test the most innovative and performance enhancing products and solutions. We draw from the know-how and experience we have gained from racing to tune up road cars, offering different tiers of performance upgrade designed for unparalleled driving pleasure. At ACME, we take good care of details: from engines to electronics, from emission and intake systems to chassis fine-tuning.

Custom Project

Each client has their own dream, each car is a new challenge. Our mission is to turn their dream into reality, designing and building something truly unique.

Test Bench

We never stop trying to better ourselves, so we have developed the most innovative technology on the market to test and certify our creations. ACME Hub Dyno is our “test bench”, the most reliable technology to attest the technical quality and performativity of our products.

Special Parts

At ACME, each item in the catalogue is selected to offer value, quality and durability. From our high performance brakes to the aerodynamics appendices, from car lubricant to engine refinements – thanks to our first-rate products, we are our own first customer.

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Factory Verona: Via Martiri di Cefalonia e Corfù 7/9, 37014 - Castelnuovo del Garda (VR) - Italy - Tel: +39 045 4855145

Factory Vincenza: Viale della Tecnica 26, 36100 - Vicenza (VI) - Italy - Tel: +39 0444 289460


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